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Welcome to the 1st Annual Pet Mayor Contest

Enter your pet into the 1st Annual City of Shasta Lake Pet Mayor Contest. This project brings together civic engagement and fundraising to make a fun interactive way to support our community.

A Fur-tastic


Get ready for the most adorable and fur-tastic event in our community! It's time to celebrate our beloved pets and let their charms shine in the first-ever Pet Mayor Contest.

Nominate your pet for the 2024 Pet Mayor Contest by completing the short form below and don't forget to upload the most flattering photos of your pet.

Nominations for Pet Mayor will close January 31st at Midnight and voting will take place February 5th to March 5th. You are your pets campaign manager, let the campaign trail begin! Share your pet's unique qualities, funny antics, and heartwarming stories on social media using the official hashtag and tagging the Shasta Damboree. Get your friends, family, and neighbors involved in supporting your pet's bid for the title.

The Pet Mayor will have no official duties they will receive an honorary title, a special prize, and the community's love! Plus, all proceeds from the event will support the Shasta Damboree, making this a purr-fect opportunity to support a paws-itively good cause.

Nominate Your Pet

Black Dog Mayor.jpeg

Complete this form to enter your pet in the race!

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Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

Nominations for Pet Mayor has closed. Come back Feb 5th to vote for this year's Pet Mayor.

How will you get Votes for your Pet?

Voting will open on February 5th and close on March 5th.

Since this is a fundraiser, voters will cast their vote with a donation, every $1 is equal to 1 vote. Individuals can vote multiple times for the same pet or can vote for multiple pets if they would like.

After voting is closed we will tally the donations and the pet with the most donations will be elected the Pet Mayor of the City of Shasta Lake.

Official Rules

Pet Mayor Contest Rules:

  1. Eligibility:

    • Any pet must reside in or around the immediate City of Shasta Lake community (this includes Redding, Mountain Gate, Shasta, Etc.). Pets are not required to live in the City of Shasta Lake City limits to participate.

  2. Nomination Period (January 1st to January 31st):

    • Submit nominations via the official contest website.

    • Include a clear photo of the pet, a short bio, and a fun campaign slogan.

    • Nominations must be received by midnight on January 31st.

  3. Campaigning:

    • Campaigning is encouraged and should remain positive and respectful.

    • Pet owners may share campaign materials, photos, and stories on social media using the official contest hashtag #SLCPetMayor2024 and should tag @shastadamboreeinc in their posts.

  4. Voting Period (February 5th to March 5th):

    • Voting is open to the entire community and will take place on the official digital platform.

    • Community members are NOT limited to a single vote.

    • Voting closes at midnight on March 5th.

  5. Fair Play:

    • Any attempts at cheating, fraud, or manipulation of votes will result in disqualification.

    • The organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify any pet or owner for behavior deemed inappropriate or in violation of the rules.

  6. Community Engagement:

    • Encourage community members to participate and attend events.

    • Respect the privacy and comfort of pets during public appearances.

  7. Crowning Event:

    • The winner will be announced at the City of Shasta Lake Community Awards on March 9th and the Pet Mayor will be crowned at the Boomtown Festival on May 4th where they will be included in the Annual Boomtown Parade.

    • Attendance is optional but encouraged for all participants and voters.

  8. Prizes:

    • The Pet Mayor will receive an honorary title, a framed certificate, an entry into the annual Boomtown Festival Parade and a short story highlighting the Pet Mayor in the Boomtown Festival Book that reaches 4000 plus people in the community.

    • All participants may receive small recognitions for their involvement.

  9. Proceeds:

    • Donations collected during voting will support the Shasta Damboree's Boomtown Festival.

  10. Community Spirit:

    • The primary goal is to celebrate pets and foster a sense of community spirit.

    • Have fun, be creative, and enjoy the positive energy this event brings to the community.

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