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Legend has been a blessing to our family ,neighbors and friends. He wakes up happy and ready to take care of anyone he comes across. He is an amazing little brother takes care of his kitty and loves his mom and dad. There hasn't been a day that he hasn't brightened our days with his caring amazing nature. He is the little guard dog of the neighborhood and he's quick to help those in need. He loves his Grandma who he brightens her everyday as she is battling cancer And it has been a rough road legend is always there to put a smile on her face. He is the sweetest most loving adopted dog we have ever had. And he is probably one of the smartest little dogs and absolutely loves to jump off the dock at shasta lake and swim like he is a big dog. I just know he would bring joy to our community as he walks the streets And meets people with his mama.

Legend For Pet Mayor


    Let me make Our town the legend of the valley...